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Barun and his team at Breathe Easy have been making a concerted and sincere effort to raise the level of awareness about the sorry state of the air quality in Delhi and have busted the myth of indoor air being better than outdoor air. They have also helped with providing....  Read More

Led by paterfamilias and NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), the family at the center of Blue Bloods also includes his father, Henry, a former NYPD commissioner; his detective sons Danny and Jamie; and his daughter, Erin, an assistant district attorney. Despite the fact that they are one of the most powerful families in New York—and certainly the most powerful family in the NYPD— Blue Bloods insists on depicting them as salt-of-the-earth, blue-collar types who don’t get any special privileges. They’re just regular guys, really, and they have lots of their own problems too. It’s not easy being a Reagan!

I typically use the Cardioid mode, which is the mode you should be using. When you put it on Cardioid, you will sound better as it eliminates a lot of other noises that comes from the back/ sides of the microphone.

The Blue Up? - Breathe You OutThe Blue Up? - Breathe You OutThe Blue Up? - Breathe You OutThe Blue Up? - Breathe You Out